About #YROBF

Hi it’s me, Toya Rochelle,  your one black friend. I’m convinced the world would be a friendlier place if we considered each person we meet a potential new friend.  Social networks were created to help us stay in touch with friends near and far. But for many of us, they may have done the opposite. We’re adults so meeting AND connecting with new people is… well. There’s a song all about “no new friends” right. Meeting cool people ain’t easy! Plus once everyone starts getting married, moving for jobs, getting divorced, going to rehab, well you know how that goes.

So since making a new friend is hard, kinda weird, and  if you’re not sure if you even want to talk to another human, start with me. My name is Toya Rochelle. My friends call me LT or Toya and as your one black friend, you should too.

Here’s my pitch, I’m a delight, well traveled and I have just enough sassafrass to live unencumbered by labels or perceptions typically assigned to black people or women.

Lastly, if you don’t have at least one friend that isn’t of the same race, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation as you,  works in a different profession, born in another country, I could go on but lets face it, you need me.

The world is getting smaller and I have a tribe of homies and tons of crazy a@*  stories

As Your One Black Friend (#YROBF) that’s what’s ups.

Aight? Aight. Leggo!