The Year of The Penis

Happy New Year Fam!

Hush, I know it’s mid January but give your one black friend a break because I’ve been sick. And I’m not talking like a regular run of the mill kinda sick. I mean sick like I had a fever and night sweats with a cough slightly louder than thunder reigning fury and destruction. The good news, whilst I was sick I reflected ALOT on 2017. We had natural disasters, terrorism at home and abroad, and political unrest pretty much everywhere. But most common across the board was all the penis related madness. You should know I checked the Chinese calendar before I started to type to make sure I hadn’t missed something. I can confirm 2017 was NOT supposed to be the year of the peen even though it ever loving was.

Take a short walk with me back to the batshit crazy year that was 2017.

Right out the gate, the Women’s March took place on January 21, 2017. This massive global protest was all about advocating for legislation and policies regarding women’s rights, immigration reform, and a host of important issues. I mean even folks in Antarctica stood up and told the world they were collectively sick of all the bull shit.

By mid year the dominoes were falling left and right. Scandal after penis related scandal popped up, pun intended. Somewhere in between there the Google guy published his whack ass manifesto. I cackle just thinking about this high functioning yet mentally challenged man. Surely any person with a moderate amount of emotional intelligence, full appreciation of reality, and a social life could not arrive at such a point of view. Fast forward to late 2017, there were even more shameful scandals and then everything came to head, again, pun intended and women across every industry shared their experiences dealing with sexual abuse and harassment.

But it’s a new year and a perfect time to reset because what we do next is super important. I know, I’ve waxed on and rehashed alot but I also have a bit of advice. First, women please fight the urge to minimize the accounts of those that have opted to share. And while you’re at it please avoid using your positive experiences with men to negate what has and is happening to too many people.

For a lot of men, it’s really simple, but I’ll type it just in case, please press your reset button. This will help you refrain from talking about and showing people your junk, unless explicitly asked, and yes this includes dick pics. This also means a lot of men have to stop talking about the size of their hands or feet, the shape of, or tricks that can be done with “it”.  And for the “good guys” please stop turning a blind eye to your bros behavior. We need you to help your bros reign it in, get counseling, and evolve enough so that they understand appropriate sexual behavior.

I’m feeling better now that we’ve caught up. And since it is a new year we can leave all the peen talk and craziness in 2017.


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