Two Truths & A Lie

Lately I’ve been reflecting on all things 2017.

To sum it up, I feel like I’m walking through bizarro land naked. Every time I think I’ve heard or seen the craziest thing, a gentle breeze blows, and I’m presented with the next craziest thing.

I am starting to think that there’s no getting out of bizarro land, so we might as well get comfortable, and get to know each other. So let’s play two truths and a lie. #youroneblackfriend has dumpster dived, served as a ghost writer exclusively for white men, writes poetry for fun, broadcaster Peter Jennings was her first childhood crush or #youroneblackfried, has met one sitting US President.

Where’s the lie?

Starting from the bottom to top, I have dumpster dived. Much like my dating life, you should know, I’m always five seconds away from embarrassing myself.

During year two-ish of my stint in the city of angels, my good friend and roommate got boo’d up, graduated, and left for Chicago. I had moved to LA to chase my dreams and couldn’t afford to live alone. But not to be undone, I wished her well, and did what any broke twenty something would. I went to Craigslist and scanned the personals for roommates. With a few days to spare, I packed all of my earthly belongings into my 2001 Toyota Corolla. Once my clown car was filled to capacity, I piled up like 15 human sized bags of random things that had to be tossed.

I must have made 12 trips to the dumpster and on the 13th trip, I threw a big old bag of trash into the dumpster along with my car and house keys. I cussed and shadow boxed and cried. Recalling it now, I’m embarrassed all over again. So I climbed onto the dumpster propped myself up, hell I leaned to the left and to the right but my keys were MIA..  So I dumpster dived and lived to tell it .Shout out to broke twenty somethings trying to get by.

So next up ghostwriting for white men. I also talked about this in a previous post, but this is also 100% true, I’ve worked in marketing/corporate communications for over 12 years, In large organizations executives are often assigned marketing folks like me. We help execs craft speeches, write their presentations, we pen their articles or blogs. We even write their thank you notes. Either way, this is true.

So where’s the lie LT?

I‘ve shared my love for words and especially words we’re not supposed to like in a previous post. So it is also true that I like to write poetry. In fact, I’ve written poetry for over 20 years. I’m putting the finishing touches on my first book of poetry right now. Its sexy and woke at the same time. I can’t wait to share it. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself, to recap: I have dumpster dived. I have and still am a ghostwriter and I write poetry. The only two things left are: meeting a sitting president and my first crush.

Let’s keep the truth telling going shall we?

Peter Jennings was my first childhood crush. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m originally from the US Virgin Islands. I was born in the late 70’s and growing up in the early 80’s, we didn’t have 24 hour cable networks or cable at all. PBS and ABC were the only networks available on my little island and for whatever reason, I always found Peter Jennings to be smart. I liked his deep authoritative voice and I knew for certain that he was tall. Watching the news in the 80’s was hella scary to me. It seemed like planes were constantly being hijacked and war was happening everywhere. Anywho, I always found something comforting and trustworthy about PJ my boo thang. Side note, I also went on to have a million more girlhood crushes. including Marlon Jackson, Ronnie Deveo and Bo from the Dukes of Hazzards. However, to this day, I still like tall smart men 🙂

So there we have it.  The lie is me meeting a sitting US president right? Technically, I have met one US president, except he wasn’t serving at the time.  I met former president Bill Clinton and former secretary of state Madeleine Albright in 2005 at the Presidential Conferences at Hofstra University, my alma mater. I remember being weirded out by the whole thing.  Both gave interesting speeches and greeted students and alumni after their talk. I shook Clinton’s hand and exchanged a few words with him. Ten years later, I participated in program founded by his wife. I’ve since met many more heads of state, but that’s a story for another day.


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